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The best SMM panel services so far. Manage Social Media with Panelika.

Best SMM Panel Experience

Our unique services will enhance your social media identity. It is our duty to provide interactions that will increase the reach of all your posts. We are ready to deliver the best SMM panel experience with services equipped with artificial intelligence and human experience.

Full AI+ System

Make a difference with AI-powered SMM panel services. We only provide algorithm-friendly and reliable services.

Provider Difference

Panelika is an SMM panel provider. Therefore, it allows you to get quality services at a low cost.

Organic Growth

Our SMM panel services provide algorithm-friendly and organic growth-assisting solutions.

Often the cheapest, always the highest quality.

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Special and elaborate services. Only limited data sold in a certain number of times. Get ready to move social media.

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Infinite Interaction

Algorithm friendly social media services. Your stats will always move up.

Non-Drop Followers.
Moreover, Average delivery start time: 5 minutes.

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Non-Drop Real Subscribers.

Subscribers first search your channel, watch your video, and then subscribe. The only SEO-friendly subscriber service in the world.


Get the watch time you want for your videos. Average holding time of 10-20 minutes.

Max retention 120 minute. Optional

Your time is valuable. Everything at Panelika happens right on schedule.

Start time: 1-10 munites

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We sell the truth. Not a dream.

Always Stable

Always on time delivery. Always stable.

SMM Panel - How Does it Work?

SMM panel is a social media marketing tool that has been used by a number of people around the world to increase their business visibility. It allows you to promote your brand on multiple social media platforms in a short amount of time. You can also get followers, likes, and views for your posts.

Promote your business with less time
SMM panel is a software program that is designed to help your business gain visibility on social media. It offers a complete package of online marketing services at a reasonable price.

Social Media Marketing Provider

Panelika Global is a service provider. Therefore, all purchases from this site will differ from the main provider to the cheapest prices. You will receive faster and better quality service than ever, because you received it directly from the main provider.

You must be a member to take advantage of the multimedia privileged prices. Once a member, you can add a balance using trusted payment methods such as CC/Bitcoin/Perfect Money/Payeer.

If you still have questions in mind, you can contact us on live support.

There are hundreds of other privileges waiting for you with Panelika. If you don't have a membership, you can sign up now!


    All services are guaranteed.
    Super-super fast services for all social media.
    Delivered immediately, no waiting.
    Secure payment convenience with Credit Card / Perfect Money / Payeer / Bitcoin.
    Access to real people.
    Services received will not be deleted later. Permanent for life.
    Improve profile rankings and positions.
    Get more sponsorship offers.
    Improve your online image and reputation
    Get personal popularity.

Minimal Design Maximum Impact

It's both professional and easy.

We've narrowed down the use of a panel with a panelika SMM panel.

If you have any problems, feel free to contact us.

What does a panelika do?

Panelika is a social media deficit.

Allows you to receive social media services that will help you reach more people.

We promise a new social media experience with our exclusive and unique services.


API page: https://panelika.com/api

Just Reliable Services

We only provide services that are compatible with social media platforms. We will never sell services that will create a risk for your profile/channel. You can use all our services with confidence.

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You can always contact us. We can answer any question you have in mind.

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